About Me

Who I am

Hi and welcome! I’m Smitha, and this little blog is my online home. I love anything and everything about coding and leading teams towards success. I equally love food and enjoy cooking. The only exercise I even consider doing is Zumba :). Love, love and love coffee. My favorite part of the day is unwinding over “FRIENDS” reruns by sipping a cup of hot coffee after a long & hard day at work.

Education & Career

I have a bachelors degree in electronics and communications from JNTU, India and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from University Of Texas AT Dallas. I now work at Realpage where I started as a mid-level .net developer and helped deliver several products successfully. I have since progressed as a Senior Developer/Team Leader/Architect in Realpage. I am currently the Application Development Manager leading Online Leasing experience. I’ve always believed that strong teams build better products than strong individuals.


I am married to an amazing man Rajesh Gogineni who also works in the field of technology. We both love to travel and share the passion for food. I am blessed with two wonderful kids. Saanvi, the older one is 7 and a complete daddy’s girl. My younger one Nikhil is 3 and a “mini-me”. He is mama’s boy for sure.